Be the Change Animal Rescue & Sanctuary: Fostering Hope, One Paw and Hoof at a Time

Empathy in Action: Transforming Lives Through Compassion and Care

Comprehensive Rescue Initiatives: Dedicated teams respond to distress calls, reaching far and wide to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need.

Advocacy for Ethical Treatment: Promoting ethical practices for the welfare of all animals, raising awareness and driving change.

Holistic Sanctuary Environment: Providing a safe haven where every rescued soul finds healing, love, and a chance for a new beginning.

Find Your Furry Friend: Discover Love in Every Paw Print Adopt A Cat

Our feline friends, each with a unique personality and story, are ready to bring joy and warmth into your life.

From playful kittens to gentle seniors, our carefully curated selection of cats has been lovingly cared for in our sanctuary, waiting for that special someone to offer them love and a place to call home.

Whether you're seeking a cuddly companion or a mischievous friend, our adoption center is where your journey to finding unconditional love begins.

Unleash Love: Discover Your Perfect Canine Companion Adopt A Dog

From energetic pups eager for adventure to gentle seniors seeking a cozy spot by the fire, our diverse selection of dogs is eagerly waiting to become part of your family.

Every canine companion has been cared for with love and patience, ready to shower you with endless tail wags and unconditional love.

Come meet your new best friend and embark on a journey filled with companionship, laughter, and endless adventures.

Embracing Equine Elegance: A Sanctuary Dedicated to Horses

Here, we honor the noble spirits of horses, providing a haven where retirement means living out their days in comfort and contentment.

While some of our majestic equines are available for adoption to loving homes, most have found their forever haven within our sanctuary.

Each horse has a story etched in their eyes, and our commitment to their lifelong care ensures they thrive in an environment filled with compassion, dignity, and the love they so richly deserve.

Heartwarming Adoption Stories from Be the Change Rescue


Cody The Horse

December 03, 20231 min read


  • Welcoming Message: Set the tone by expressing gratitude for supporters and introducing the purpose of the blog—to share heartwarming adoption stories that highlight the joy of giving animals a second chance.

Adoption Story Structure:

Each adoption story should cover the following elements:

  1. Animal's Name and Species: Introduce the adopted animal and their species (e.g., dog, cat, horse).

  2. Background: Share a bit about the animal's background—where they came from, their journey to the rescue, and any challenges they faced.

  3. Meeting Their Forever Family: Describe the adoption process and how the animal met their new family. Include touching moments from the initial meeting or adoption day.

  4. Settling In: Detail the transition period and how the animal adjusted to their new home. Highlight milestones, funny moments, or heartwarming anecdotes.

  5. Transformation: Illustrate the positive changes in the animal's demeanor, health, or behavior post-adoption. Include before-and-after photos if available.

  6. Happy Endings: Share updates on the animal's current life, detailing the joy they bring to their new family and how they've become an integral part of their home.


No photo description available.

Encouragement and Call-to-Action: Encourage readers to consider adoption, emphasizing the transformative impact it has on both the animal's life and the adopter's. Include a call-to-action to visit the rescue's adoption page or contact information for those interested in adopting.

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About The Rescue

Be the Chance Rescue and Animal Sanctuary embodies Gandhi's ethos: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

With unwavering dedication, the team works hard to answer every distress call we get for our local forgotten and wounded creatures.

They serve as a beacon of hope, not only reacting to crises but also fostering change through education and community engagement.

Every rescued soul, from pets in need to abandoned companions, finds solace within these walls.

The team's tireless efforts mirror Gandhi's philosophy, inspiring empathy and nurturing a future where every living being is valued and cared for.

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